The urge to start a blog

This one's about finding "a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment." That's a definition of "niche" by Google. It's not exactly meta-blogging and that's a start!

Notion Templates

I've learned about the business of selling Notion templates from Modest Mitkus.

It's not something I feel like getting into because I've known about Notion since about 2016 and I've rarely used it. Google Keep and Apple Notes covered most of my note-taking needs. I use Google Docs or Google Sheets when I need something more.

The Search for My Niche, and Twitter

I had the idea of basing all of my content around GitHub, so I've spent a few days trying to tweet about it with the help of ChatGPT. It did not stick. For the next few days, I focused on AI-powered software development, as that's GitHub's angle right now. That also went nowhere. In the end, I was tweeting about anything that I saw on the timeline and eventually deleted my account.

Back to Step 1

I'm looking for niches that are in high demand and low competition. If that was not a tall enough order, I also need to filter down to niches I'm interested in.

This is the foundational step for any online business. Without it done, building a brand and audience, marketing, and any product development will be out of alignment with success.

Anyway... Here's a song:

The Plan Forward

I'm taking a break from Twitter but will most likely need to get back on some social media so I might encounter new ideas to explore.

The Fear of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

It's on the mind of many people right now. Might be because you've been in tech for a while, or because you've come in contact with some influencer talking about it.

No one knows for sure when AGI will come around, but the idea affects the thought processes of many. I don't find it easy to just ignore the developments of AI. The thing that worries me the most is that we're training and making use of neural networks without understanding how or why they work so well.