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The urge to start a blog

This one's about finding "a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment." That's a definition of "niche" by Google. It's not exactly meta-blogging and that's a start! Notion Templates I've learned about the business of selling Notion templates from Modest Mitkus . It's not something I feel like getting into because I've known about Notion since about 2016 and I've rarely used it. Google Keep and Apple Notes covered most of my note-taking needs. I use Google Docs or Google Sheets when I need something more. The Search for My Niche, and Twitter I had the idea of basing all of my content around GitHub , so I've spent a few days trying to tweet about it with the help of ChatGPT . It did not stick. For the next few days, I focused on AI-powered software development,  as that's GitHub's angle right now. That also went nowhere. In the end, I was tweeting about anything that I saw on the timeline and eventually deleted